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How my most successful patients achieve success

Many new patients often ask, “What do your most successful patients do?”.  As a seasoned, experienced Bariatric surgeon who has performed over 1000 laparoscopic, Bariatric surgeries I have had the privilege of treating and caring for patients of every age, size, shape, religion, ethnicity and education level.  Like every bariatric surgeon I have my own […]

Cut Calories Without Cutting Taste

Beware of hidden calories. They’re everywhere! Simple substitutions and eliminations can cut thousands of calories per month. To understand how your body loses weight let’s oversimplify things. Of course, there are many genetic, metabolic and even psychological factors that influence the speed and amount of weight loss or gain that a person experiences with any […]

What Operation Is Best For Me?

As you already know, there are choices that have to be made when you’re considering weight loss surgery.  You need to choose a surgeon, a program and of course, the operation you will have.  The final decision as to what operation you undergo should be a decision YOU make. It’s your body and your life.  You […]

A Word About Vitamins…

Several studies have been completed for the purpose of identifying those patient populations that really require, or will benefit from vitamin supplementation.  One such population is patients who have undergone bariatric surgery.  Weight loss surgical procedures are fundamentally classified as either restrictive or malabsorptive.  Restrictive operations for weight loss restrict the amount of food that […]

Pitfalls and Roadblocks to Success for Bariatric Patients

Although bariatric surgery is the most effective means for achieving weight loss for morbidly obese patients, there is no “magic bullet” for patients that requires no  work on their part to achieve success.Any life-changing procedure requires a life-long change and commitment to do what is required to succeed. There are two main components to this commitment.  […]

Sleeve Gastrectomy popularity growth.

The Sleeve Gastrectomy operation is now the most popular Bariatric surgical procedure in the United States. The Sleeve Gastrectomy operation is the newest surgical procedure for weight loss being performed today.  Visit here to learn more. This procedure is performed laparoscopically with a minimally-invasive surgical technique and involves removing approximately 80% of the stomach. This, […]